Apr 7, 2013

F18 Argentina: Rest of Arg Mixed Olympic crews continue preparations

Argentina will have two more mixed crews representing us for the 2016 Rio Campaign. Lucas Gonzalez Smith and his sister Moira are leading here in BA an F18 event, several boats missing but Arg 2011 champs Cruz Smith-Mariano Heuser are there so it is a good reference on their performance.

Blown out conditions on Saturday with some rescues plus boats not racing, and 7-9 knots yesterday. In both conditions Lucas and Moira (crewing) managed to lead the pack.

So good news for them. Event continues next weekend. I couldn´t race on my back issues that are getting chronic.. 
The other team is a youth crew Iriña Piñeyrua (18 & helm) & Franco Greggi, both with lots of experience in local 29er fleet., they are below F18 permitted weight so they are scoring raf. They will need to change their Spi / jib to race legally.

These two teams will join Cecilia Carranza & Esteban Blando that ended 12th over 34 at Palma with an excellent debut, close to enter the Medal Race. More crews representing Arg is beneficial for all, as seen with the Dutch , French & British teams. 

The local F18 will continue to provide the perfect training ground for these Olympics teams. Left Lucas & Moira.

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