Apr 5, 2013

Palma World Cup Day 5: Mulder-Visser lead to the Medal Race

Business as usual in day 5 with the Dutch & French teams exchanging top positions. Although Mandy Mulder & Thijs Visser continue to protect their lead based on a bullet, a 2nd and the discarded 20th.
Moana Vaireux-Manon Audinet recovering 2nd pos overall with 2,6,3 and Billy Besson-Marie Riou in third position but ten points behind with Renee Gronenveld-Charlie Begemann 1 point apart in 4th.

Nice to see the two different concepts in the Dutch vs French leading teams, with Female helms for Ned and viceversa for Fra, both conf equally competitive.

The favorites are all inside the top ten, surprise could be the two GBR teams, nice work there. Then Shuwalow-Klinga and Newberry-Casey showing their win at Miami was not casual.

Tomorrow Medal Race  and anything can happen.  Images: Besson-Riou and Mulder-Visser Jesus Renedo / SofiaMapfre

Full Results at (Click N17 Tab) http://www.trofeoprincesasofia.org

1 NED 040 Mandy Mulder 12 6 NED 046 Elke Delnooz 37
2 FRA 065 Moana Vaireaux 20 7 GBR 56 Lucy Macgregor 50
3 FRA 39 Billy Besson 30 8 USA 104 Sarah Newberry 54
4 NED 44 Renee Groeneveld 31 9 GBR 58 Pippa Wilson 56
5 SWE 012 Tim Shuwalow 36 10 ITA 037 Vittorio Bissaro 59

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