Apr 20, 2013

Bolster Team Race 2013: Saturday April 20th

Live stream link available at new.livestream.com/accounts/250152/events/2043611  Embeded not available.

Watch the Teamrace Knockout live. Central European Time:
15:00 rigging the boats
15:30 Limbodancing contest
16:00 Teamrace Knockout round one
17:00 (aprox) final round
17:30 (aprox) Prive giving ceremony


Third edition for Mischa de Munck Team Race Knockout. The format also was done with success in Italy by Lamberto Cesari. For 2013 expect an improve broadcast and Jasper taking pics.
We will stream it Live as the last two year though Catsailingnews. Saturday 20 April, 15.30 - 18.00 hour, Marina Muiderzand ijmeerdijk 16 at Sail-Today.
Below info sent by Mischa:

Bolster Team Racing format:
The Teamrace Knockout is sailed between four teams of two F18 catamarans. Each team will race another team in the first round in a best of five series, the first team that wins three times is the winner and will go to the final round. Winning a race is done by making sure the opponent finishes last, this is done by using the Racing Rules of Sailing (to be governed by umpires on the water). In the final round a best of 3 series will determine the winner of the Teamrace Knockout.

Limbo dancing:
From 15:30 until 16:00 hours we will be limbo dancing with catamarans to warm up the crowd. Ten catamaran F18 teams can enter in this race. There will be a large multihull yacht 60 meters in front of the crowd. The multihull will display a 5 meter long sign that has numbers on it. The ten catamaran F18 teams can enter the regatta and must represent a charity organization (such as maybe Warchild, Amnesty International etc), each team has 3 chances to pass the sign on the mulihull with their mast as low as possible. The team which is able to have their mast as low as possible without flipping their boat in any of their three attempts is the winner of the Limbo Dancing and their charity wins a donation of € 250,- euro from our the Teamrace Knockout organistion.

Spectator sailing:
The Teamrace Knockout is sailed on high performance F18 catamarans, capable of highs speeds and high maneuverability. The races are sailed close to shore in front of a live audience. Commentators will explain to the crowd the situations and will guide the audience like any other spectator sport. One boat of each team is fitted with an onboard camera streaming live onshore and online. Camera's onshore and in the air underneath RC helicopters shall also stream live onshore and online. Audiences shall be giving a large number of items to cheer for their favorite team!


-Team orange
Thomas Ekefalk
Jeroen van Leeuwen
Mystery Guest
Tjiddo Veenstra

-Team blue
Mandy Mulder
Thijs Visser
Froukje Feenstra
Matthieu Marfaing

-Team green
Willem Geijsen
Celine van Doorn
Jorden Veenman
Frank de Waard

-Team red
Oscar Zeekant
Sanne van Hek
Carlo de Pauoli
Lamberto Cesari

15:30* Limbodansing with Catamarans
16:00 Teamrace Knockout
17:30 Price giving ceremony

*All times are CET.

Marcelien de Koning & Frans Sluiters
NB: Language is in Dutch, but parts of the racing commentary will be done in English.

Met vriendelijke groet/kind regards,
Mischa de Munck

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