Mar 12, 2013

Tough capsize for Bissaro-Sicouri at Palma

Above Training in Italy, Image from Palma capsize below: Jesus Renedo. || Tough day for the Italian Olympic team. Gtranslated Report below from their site: . Hope they can get back soon and stronger for the first big Olympic event towards 2016.  Vittorio and Silivia were training with Tim Shuwalow at home, (check last N17 video) and they have reported 23 knots in 17knot true wind while double trapeze downwind.

"After a day off due to strong winds, we woke up to go out to train.. Weather still provided manageable wind in the morning,  going up in the afternoon. At 9.30 we were in the water! We sailed by an hour doing long legs inside the bay, the wind was tense at 18 knots with gusts up to 24 knots, and had formed a beautiful wave. We had great fun!

Unfortunately, the rest of the day went less well ... we decided to make a last windward leg and then return to the ground satisfied with the day. As we prepared for going back, we took bad wave, we lost control, and we capsized. During capsize the mast broke, and during recovery operations we had more  damage.
 Fortunately, the Laser Russian coach saw us in trouble and brought us back to earth, he was very kind. 

We felt a bit 'humiliated when they passed to our side wondering where he was our coach, but they don´t believed our response: we have no one follows us at the time. 

Undoubtedly from the capsizing we learned a lot ... but at what price! But we are fine. Now the priority is to get the new material to start sailing again as soon as possible."

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