Mar 17, 2013

Oracle AC72: Alienware

History Channel has been showing a sometimes funny Alien visitor in our Past series, I read the original book by Erich Von Danniken when I was a kid, and somehow thought it was an interesting theory, as there is quite a little chance in almost infinite possibilities on being the only ones in the entire Universe.
Another theory is that those ancient Alien visitors were time travelers from our own future.

Whichever the case, imagine if that the native Americans treated the Spaniards as 'Gods' or visitors from the Stars on their  antique equipment, what would they  have thought on seeing this vessel arriving their coasts?
Quantum Physics and other theories also validates the possibilities of parallel universes and time travel. Although if we go 100-200 years in the future I can´t figure out any further conceptual development on a wind powered yatch than foiling, next step would be literally flying above the water, but that would become just a glider.

The level of technology being developed in this Cup is just amazing, if an Alien lands tomorrow, we would ask him many unsolved mysteries, tehcnical & energy related matters... and sailing fanatics will surely ask them how about the latest technologies being applied in their local waters, and I can´t imagine the concept being too much different from this.

Photo: Guilain Grenier / Oracle Team USA

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