Mar 21, 2013

Heemskerk & Tentij training for Hydros flying CClass

F18 top sailors, Mischa Heemskerk & Bastian Tentij, were the crew selected to race the Hydros CClass project. Of course you can imagine by now this machine is going to fly too. They are testing the foil conf on a F20C.
The other day someone commented that the C-Class was all amateur spirit, well that has changed now with several Pro teams entering the game like Hydros and Cammas. And I think people like Steve Clark are going to get quite happy to see how all their past & current work has payed off with the C-Class becoming more popular and the highest pinnacle on design only behind the Americas Cup.

C-Class has always been a design game with their Wings, and now they will start flying. We'll see how soon.
Mischa was also requested not to capsize due to the Wing possible damage. But I think as proven in the F18, design is key in this critical aspect. 

And if someone right now has the capability to avoid capsize, well no one is better than current A-Class World Champ, crowned in pre hurricane conditions at Isla Morada, FL. 

So the great compromise design question arise again, more in Winged cats: Do we design to the limit risking the whole project on a single capsize or we just add some margin that will give us higher chances to avoid non productive reparing hours?
Jeremy Lagarrigue is involved in this project too. Hydros website

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