Mar 22, 2013

Bundy, what did you get for your birthday? ..An AC72

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Let me tell you something about Darren Bundock, from all these years I've been interacting with many people in the catsailing scene world wide, trying to promote the sport and helping in any way I can (in the background I manage a global connection network on requests from all over the world) Bundy is one of the very few that has offered me a total flat & too generous uninterested help.

You also have the RB Youth teams thanking Darren for his help in the trials, we talked about his work with them weeks ago  and how he wanted to be 20 again, and many other reports I have on him helping sailors worldwide, confirms he is just a Good guy, as good as they come, beyond being already a living legend.

Now seeing his face driving the AC72 in his birthday yesterday, just like a kid with a new 'toy',  it is like a really nice reward on his professional work and a good momentary pinnacle for his carreer.

Just look at his face... Happy birthday Bundy!
Check vids of Oracle AC72 rides from yesterday in SA Forums , can´t confirm who is helming in those videos though.

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