Mar 24, 2013

Artemis Finally Flying , an AC45

I can´t believe such a talented group of people involved in this team couldn't or didn´t wanted to have an alternative scaled down full flying solution, more when one year ago, Oracle was already showing their AC45 on foils. Ok so you opted for for plan A but nothing was not allowing you to have a real life test plan B on their own 45, or even a SL33 or even a F20c or even an F18..

But well, all done now and nothing can be changed, so no point on continue wondering what happened. Now they need to work harder and recover, and with these images they are in the right path. Photo: Nathan Outteridge FB
As I posted the other day: "If the design/shore/build crew can give Nathan & Loick some decent boat"... Artemis might be acting like the wounded wolf, with nothing to lose and Outteridge sending their AC72 in full bore in the breeze, with Peyron acting as an experienced 'controller'.

Chapter 1 closed. A new great period begins for Artemis.

Left, Nathan alternative foil training

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