Feb 14, 2013

Project SF Bay Webcam II

These days I've been watching the AC72 training Live at the bay with a local webcam. Really good tool and quality for being something that someone put to view the scenery.
So I thought what a great service an additional HQ ip Webcam could be for all interested in following the Cup in next months.
At SA Forums TCat went with the idea asking ACEA for one, don´t think they will do it, so I'm thinking to place a new webcam for us to follow Bay action.
When working in IT we use to provide this ip webcam service to construction companies with Axis cameras, but technology now is even better. I mail yesterday a contact in the area to see what can be done, and also told SA guys they could do it in no time too.

Being able to see this still R&D and design stage Live is quite interesting leading to future races.
Check Sailing Anarchy AC Forums for how the boats are doing with several sequences, no speculation , just seeing live what is going on right now at SF.

fb video