Feb 10, 2013

Oracle AC72 MKII: Back to Foiling, day 3

Some say Artemis is 'done', others 'foiling will not pay', and every day we are closer to know who is right. If foiling prevails it could change the sport for ever, as no recent attempt has succeed, new technology will trickle down to samller cats. Latest A-Class developments are yet to be seen in racing.

The only one (for now?) going against the  full 'Flying current' is Artemis, for me it is a 50-50 bet, and they are gambling just like the Tornado Code Zero gennaker at Beijing as the other 3 boats will be on a somehow leveled field, as they are all aiming to full foiling, with different approaches and solutions,  if the gral foil concept works for all conditions, Artemis is done at the first race.

I still give Artemis an excellent chance though, as this is going to be a short course, steady +20knots are not guaranteed, they are happy with their speed and they are also playing a safer solution. Artemis team is training F18s and Oracle Moths...any clearer sign of things to come?!

All Images Guilain Grenier / Oracle Team USA.
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