Feb 25, 2013

F18 Season 2013: Shortfilm by Manu Duclos & F18 FR

All images & video by Emmanuel Duclos  / www.easyridevideos.com . Below one of the best footage I've seen, Cinematographic quality images in a video made and sent by Emmanuel Duclos for the French F18 Assoc. The beauty and main appeal of the F18 is the wide range of alternatives racing together inside a working Box Rule as shown in these images above.

Adapting when necessary is key as the only entities in any scope in this planet that don´t survive are the ones living in the past freezing adaptability.

Hope the French F18 will continue to lead this Class into the future, whichever the future brings, the great advantage of Formula Classes like the F18 is the ability to adapt. The development within the rules has provided sailors with faster and easier boats to sail & race. That is why with an efficient management this class will survive Tornado, Nacra 17 and whichever OD class you may think of.

In 2060 my grandsons will be racing cats for sure, and I hope they'll race an F18, in the most unthinkable configuration we might envision, the important thing is that the F18 concept will be there, cause the Dinos, well..., they will be Extinct by then.

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