Feb 14, 2013

ETNZ AC72 MKII: Stradivarius

Boat #2 in action, these guys made just a perfect job based on their design concept, I never saw any boat of any kind going as smooth as ETNZ AC72 videos. Compare platform flex/twist with previous Oracle post.

To me the only question that remains is: Can they match Artemis in the medium range as Oracle is doing right now? If so, we have a winner. Perfect flying, modern F18 high volume like hulls for the tricky and Cup defning bareaways (Imagine Oracle in that bareaway in 20-25knots..), one of the most experienced teams and best crews around, Catracing Designers involved, an ACup/monohull helm that has put lots of A-Class/Multi hours, and taught by surely the best trimmer on Earth makes this team the right package at the moment.

Still much to come, 'they need to race', 'not a drag race', 'short course', 'you have to tack' and ballablalbla...but right now these guys will eat the competition for breakfast.
Image Chris Cameron / etnzblog.com

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