Jan 9, 2013

Wave Piercing Exposed

I once did a post explaining the Wave Piercing concept, many said they could understand how it works after reading it, but if you still don´t get it, just look at this video above. I think is the best filmed proof  of the efficiency of this concept. Thus the title of the post. Bouncing vs forward drive and speed (check 1:30), not only on the rake but on the volume distribution, check Wave Piercing Explained for more details.

My brother build kayaks and he wants me to design one for him, after checking what he showed me I told they all look 'antique', and that I was going to draw a wave piercer. Searching if someone already made one I found a Swede design by Magnus de Brito Point 65 Bourbon Orca.  Name inspired on the boat in the video.

It was funny to see how they use the Wildcat as reference See picture to the left made by GlobalSurf Ski blog. And like beachcats the Surf Ski designs will end in this shape for sure, as they are use for racing in open waters too and even launch and surf back to the coast.

Already have some lines I started yesterday, I will do some research and maybe some CFD. Magnus design looks really good and it seems is working great. He also designed a clever two parts modular kayak. Check Magnus work at www.debrito.se

Images GlobalSurfSki

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