Jan 1, 2013

Olympic Nacra 17 Mast: Official News from ISAF

Good to have an official communication, and I guess being an Olympic class now, you also have no choice, but not many days have passed from first reports , so this is the right thing to do to start solving the problem. And given current situation glad this is happening now and not with a long term fatigue failure.
Nacra should work with a renown spar builder to get this right from scratch.
Regarding ISAF, there is responsibility here for them, as the N17 was not tested fully with the carbon mast at Santander.

As with Oracle AC72 and any endeavour in Life, is how you recover and learn from errors what's really counts to keep growing and improving.
This project was, and still is a great challenge for Nacra since day 1, I remarked this many times including Gunnar's last interview: Great resposability comes with Olympic status and it is clearly a double edge sword status.
The key will be a rapid recovery to restart, as a result we can have an even better boat.

Full report by Nacra at ISAF Website: http://www.sailing.org/news/33759.php

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