Dec 18, 2012

Luna Rossa AC72: Showing Off

Images Luna Rossa, more here

The best design deal in this Cup has been achieved by Luna Rossa. They did and excellent move trusting the Kiwis. Imagine if they would have made the same deal with OR or AR? Someone at the Italian team would be jobless by now.

But they make the right decision with ETNZ, and the joined project is by far a great advantage right now on the other two teams. This training method was also used by Austrian & Argentine Tornado Olympic teams, although design aspects were not discussed, but of course sailing and training together gives you lots of feedback. Needless to say Hagara-Steinacher are double Gold medalists, and Lange-Espinola double consecutive Bronze.

Training with your best competitor it surely pays.

As they can test the proven foiling solution against a non flying one between the two boats, that is going to be the key, as not OR or AR teams have the foiling option secured. Oracle cause they destroyed their AC72 after too few testing days, and Artemis as they went for a non flight setup.

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