Nov 12, 2012

F18 Open Project: Looks & CFD

Above and below some new renders I'm working on, click to HQ, I like the Luna Rossa style one, I will ask Max Sirena if they have some left for us! Also been working on a Scorpion logo, check below.

We've been working with the group in the background on the Open Project doing some initial CFD tests with my original cad that has a pretty standard rocker and no concave/negative section for a clean start.
The first test were good and now we are analyzing an aft negative section , recommended by the CFD guys and we will test that next.
I specially want to see how the Cirrus R rocker performs on CFD and what reference it can give us to see if we can implement it or not.
Seeing how ETNZ and OR are going that route, it is worth to take a look.

We've also make some foil tests and we are already targeting an specific section.

The initial goal is still there: Design an Overall Performer.
And as a secondary target I think there still some room to achieve the above (already done in the class) but going to a higher degree of evolution.

The best feeling I ever had on an F18 is with the Hobie Wildcat. The Infusion/Falcon got me the most comfortable ride even in 25knots.
The Infusion and C2 are well proven World title boats, and they they have the widest performance range in any wind from 4 to 30knots.

A perfect boat should have that wide range, plus the Infusion-Cirrus R-Phantom highwinds margin, C2-Falcon speed in the breeze & Wildcat unmatched sensitive response and glide. Didn´t sailed the Phantom yet, but the feedback I have, above 5-6knot is really good.(Look for a complete design featured Interview with Udin on the Phantom soon)

Another key aspect is handling, and it seems the Cirrus R has superlative points in this area on the breeze and deep chop.

But we don´t want a boat that aims to excel in a determined targeted condition with a known drawback in others, we want to cover the whole spectrum. After seeing all and sailed the majority, I can say there is still margin with current designs to put all the best features in one boat without giving away any compromise... hard task I know, but in the process the group will learn quite a bit.

The funny thing after all this design talk "balblab" is that the other day I raced the Tiger for the first time, a special Tiger with 4 Wildcat foils, and Mischa's black Ullmans.
We were flying without any handicap whatsoever, we maintained speed and even got a 3rd among average mid fleet results.
You had to see the faces of some in the fleet.... it was by far the best feeling I
ever had in a regatta!

This tells a lot about the F18 and design in gral, specially what a good one the Tiger is. Will publish later more details as I want a good picture of Gonzalo's Super Tiger.

Beyond this that also proves how good the class rules are, I really like being involved in another F18 project, learning a lot and hoping we can put some additional juice to the class and racing cat community with it.
More updates in some weeks.

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