Nov 4, 2012

AC72 Hull Design: Oracle vs ETNZ-LR vs Artemis

With some additional pics I could add Artemis to the comparison.
As a reference it gives an idea of the different concepts used. Needless to say ETNZ-Luna Rossa is the best hull-platform in my view.
Artemis is not a flying AC72, it is only assisted by curved daggers. Not even T rudders at the moment.

The front beam position is quite extreme although the Wing support vertex is a little backwards due to the V shape of the beam. The concept behind this is to gain structural benefits on the forward beam position, and the ability to have a better range for Wing trimming/rake to backwards, thus compensating that forward load.

To avoid pitchs or to maintain the bow up on this configuration they totally rely on the daggers lift. But we already saw what happened to that concept in Oracle. Lets wait her to sail, but I'm glad Peyron will be there helming at least in the initial tests.

So Artemis played safe on the flying area, but went quite extreme on the front beam and hull.

After confirming that Oracle was going down in the bareaways I have strong doubts that this incredible piece of machinery will work any different in the same situation, or maybe their dagger lift conf will prevent it?

It is easy now to chose an option, but I would have go ETNZ platform with Artemis conservative non foiling solution.
Clearly the most 'standard' & safe solution for SF conditions.
I still don´t get why desginers are going for extra foiling lift plus less aero/hydro drag to the extreme, risking the whole project when you are going to race in +20knots????? Someone would quickly answer: "Cause we want a design edge to win the Cup" 

The only issue is that they are working on unknown terrain for these kinds of beasts on the worst venue possible for a first try, and a rock solid bullet proof design right now would have won easily, as we don´t know if any of these extreme boats will end a single race in +20knots!

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