Oct 15, 2012

GC32, New Generation Flying Cat

When I saw Fischer's MayFly conf I said: "This is the Ultimate Weapon" , and also remarked that it needed to be tested in racing. The A-Class didn´t do that well at her debut, but nevertheless Martin Fischer set a trend for course racing multihulls now present at the highest level possible in Sailing: The Americas Cup AC72.

It was easy to understand that the MayFly was not just a another reaching Hydrofoil, it was targeting to race one on one to the best racing cats.
Now this same concept is being applied by the GC32, a new radical project, and no surprise Macca is involved as he was on the birth of the Nacra F20 and the Phantom F Project.
But the GC32  also is launching a new racing series. Some 30' footers might get outdated already???  We are experiencing an Evolution Rush these days.


Some teaser images and soon an interview I made with Andrew last week on 'written' Skype.
Later some comments from the designer, (and CSN daily follower) Martin Fischer.

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