Oct 17, 2012

AC72s: Meanwhile back in New Zealand...

Images Chris Cameron / ETNZ

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We all like this boat better, more now after the sad Oracle disaster. Seeing the size of ETNZ hulls and how the boat flies gives you lots of confidence.

Of course they are not at SF Bay with 25knots, but sure this boat could handle a little more margin.
Oracle crew didn´t have any handling error in my view, they did a perfect safe flat progressive bareaway.
It is not possible to design a no pitching cat cause you also have helm errors as possibilities, again Oracle had none, but you can reduce chances designing accordingly. And right now Emirates Team New Zealand has done the best job. Even Artemis boat seems to radical.

Just check a quick comparison I made between ETNZ & Oracle AC72, it seems an scaled ACat vs an Infusion/Phantom Formula 18.
Below ETNZ video footage of Oct 17 

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