Oct 11, 2012

A-Class: Lindhal Composites LR4 One-Off

John & Ian Lindhal has been building one-off A-Class for a while now with several versions of the LR series. Now he is on the LR4, and it is going to be raced at next Worlds in Florida.

This construction method is one of the alternatives we will offer for the F18 Open project.

The major cost reduction is that you don´t need to build a plug and then a two half female mold as production boats are made. And if the final product is quite refined and performs you can even use one of the hulls for a posterior mold to make a series.

So it is the most cost effective process for the home builder and even for small yards wanting to launch a new boat.

These kind of projects are a real life alternative for owning a Formula cat, but as I talked with Alex here in BA on his asking about real cost reductions. The catch with this method is that you don´t spend that much cash but in fact you have lots of man-hour work and other intagible or hidden costs, but if you have the time and not the money this is your #1 option.

Although the major goal of course is not to replace the good work done by the boatyards but the main goal is to promote the sport, and if in the process you can provide alternatives to home builders and even a good design to be built in a production series by these same yards, it is a win-win scenario.

I will contact Ian for an interview after the Worlds.
Thanks to Jeff Rehm on his mail about the LR4-

Check more details and Ian's contact info at lindahlcompositedesign.weebly.com

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