Sep 23, 2012

Olympic Cat Rio 2016: Nacra 17 Test by Silvia Sicouri & Lamberto Cesari

A truly professional made review that Silvia and Lamberto made for and Vela e Motore.
With the T out of the race, I was glad we had some new toys to choose from. Going from and idea/cad to win a selection event in such a short time is quite an achievement for Nacra & Morrelli & Melvin.

Seeing in this video how sensitive the boat is, on being so light but with the powerfull F18 platform/rig as a starting base plus carbon mast and curved daggers, confirms what I thought when I knew, and later wrote, about the project before the trials.

Olympic sailors will have to master this new N17, and although it may be overpowered on the lift generated by those extra long curved daggers, it is actually a good challenge for the sailors dedicating the next 4 years of their lives racing it.

Specific fine tuning/trim will be key beyond raw racing talent. Get your N17 asap if you are willing to campaign for Rio.Next an interview with Gunnar recorded at Long Beach on the status of the new Olympic cat.

Thanks to Lamberto for sharing this valuable video.
Powered by Rivista Vela e Motore and Saily Ilportaledellavela
Images: Marco Iazzetta
Editing: FilMotion Luca Carton
Sailors: Silvia Sicouri and Lamberto Cesari

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