Sep 10, 2012

Flying Emirates Team New Zealand: Images by Chris Cameron

Images by Chris Cameron,

Those reading the blog daily will recall that I've been pointing for a while now how these boats will need to survive the bareaways as any racing cat on this planet. Error margin will be key to win this thing due to San Francisco being a high wind venue and hat fuller bows and balanced volume like new F18 designs will be a must. 
Beyond all the flying foils, brains and technology applied guess what Dalton is remarking on the foil alternative....:

“The thrust of our testing is to determine if foils enhance performance overall. How will they affect upwind speed? Might that nullify any downwind gain?

“In addition, the effect on boat-handling in upper wind ranges needs to be assessed carefully.
“There is a tendency for the boat to dig in when it is bearing away and the placement of the dagger foils and their shape has a marked effect on this.

“Foiling is only part of the equation. Right now we see as many negatives as positives.”

Check video below at 2:05... I told you so. This is just a matter of common sense and catamaran racing mechanics. Every F18 sailors has experienced that feeling in +18 knots conditions. And these giants will be NO exception to the rule, even confirmed by the boss of ETNZ, we've seen tough pitchs on the AC45 and we may see them on the AC72s if things are not worked out properly (Boat handling & Desing)

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