Aug 14, 2012

F18 Worlds 2012: 120 Cats for LA

120 registered online. That is already a huge number for an event outside Europe. Even more with a new created circuit and some Euro Nats calendar I'm receiving that I honestly can´t believe the dates selected. I'm done with controversy here, but those dates are no show of courtesy for sure.

The good thing is the class is a fully international assoc now and we can start thinking of events outside the old continent more often, don´t you think? We can do as the A-Class is doing: one World in Europe, next in USA , next in Australia and so on. That is the right way to promote the class World Wide.

Great support of the local US fleet.

Cat Legend Enrique Figueroa will be there too racing F18 with us. I think some AC team members should join too. And someone tell Tom Phipps to attend.

See you all at LA, only two weeks apart.

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