Aug 14, 2012

F18 Nordic Championships 2012: Sept 6-9

Sent by Nico Flittner--
First international F18 event in Finland!
We are really thrilled to arrange this year the F18 Nordic Championships in our waters, in the heart of Helsinki.

The competition will be arranged in collaboration between Finnish Formula18 Association and two of the major yacht clubs HSK Helsingfors Segelklubb and Helsingfors Segelsällskap HSS. We are expecting about 35 to 40 teams from different countries, mainly from Finland, but hopefully also from Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Netherlands and Germany.

Naturally our location can effect for the participation, but we still want to make sure that the event is worth of the trouble. Mainly this mean that we can have the planned 12 races (4/day), but we are not forgetting the social aspect of the sport either. There will be two dinners and naturally a Finnish sauna available to rest and get to know the fellow sailors, not to mention that we are in Helsinki which is the design capitol 2012. The competition is part of F18 European Tour 2012 so sailors are collecting valuable ranking points too.

More information is available from our web site
Nico Flittner
FF18A / Finnish Formula18 Association

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