Aug 10, 2012

F16 Europeans: Day 4

Report and images by Emmanuel LeChapelier, currently in 4th place

-----Emmanuel LeChapelier: "The first six races of the first two days were a question of speed, the tactic was to be on the right side of the water. Finally today there were races for the tacticians with an unsteady wind. The British crew Tom Phipss & Nikki Noniface won the first race of the day and should logically impose themselves again on tomorrow . However the second race was overcome by the French "Le Chapelier, Le Berre, Hainneville". A tense battle between the Vipers will take place tomorrow to complete the podium with three crews in between two points (Benson, Le Berre, Le Chapelier)"

Results after 8 races at Sailing Team

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Le Chapelier Emmanuel

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