Aug 23, 2012

AC45s @San Francisco Day 2: ARG Pride

Having such a talented & successful sailor representing Argentina at the very top of Sailing like Olympics, Volvo , past Cups and now on this special Cat edition it is a great gift for all us sailing fanatics. The most impressive aspect of this guy, is how humble he is.

Great debut out of the box for Santi and his team, showing like Bundock and Booth did on their own debuts, that this Cup it is a special game beyond all the hours and titles you may have sailing monos or dinghies, you need to put two hulls hours behind as Spithill did, training full schedule with Ashby in the last campaign. I remember seeing some footage and pics on Spithill literraly suffering crewing for Glenn at the F18 Worlds they race together.

Just read what Santiago Lange has to say after scoring a 6, seconds behind Terry and an almost perfect 2nd  behind OS and in front of ARWhite:
“This racing is awesome. It’s the best I’ve ever done in any boat. I’m so happy to be here and it’s really what sailing should be about,” said Artemis Racing’s Santiago Lange, a two-time Olympic bronze medalist in the Tornado class, who is making his debut on the Series. “I’m still getting used to steering while still looking around to see the marks and the boundaries and all the lights, but this is really great racing.”

"Best racing I've ever done in any boat" This speaks a lot for the AC45s series and the AC72 Cup. Be noted that Lange  is mainly a monohull background guy beyond his late multihull campaign. A strong message also for our local and World wide snobs criticizing multihull racing as 2nd rate..

Beyond further results, this is just great news for Artemis, as the Red team will push Hutchinson to a better helm, both crews will get better and the Swede team is building themselves a chance to the Cup.
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Image Sander Van der Borch/Artemis

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