May 31, 2012

Texel Course Racing & Nacra Campionships

Photo: Thom Tou - Nacra Worlds 2011 at Texel.
I just been told that there are some issues between the Texel Course Racing event and the programmed Nacra Worlds.The schedule was supposed to be Texel Course in the morning and Nacra races after lunch.
Two Arg crews and others travelled to participate in both.

Great idea to hold these two events together, as you are gathering momentum with all the crews attending to the major event, the Round the Texel Island race.
But now it seems that some organization issues have arisen, and both course racing events are going to take place at the same time????

This being the major event world wide, more than 500 boats involved in the Round, a several also participating on the Course events, I really hope they can get things solved and think about all the sailors that planned ahead. And also for the image of... both events.
Get together, look ahead and make a joined start,  make an additional classification and that's it.
Just get it Right for the sailors.

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