Apr 3, 2012

Scorpion F18: The Open Project

Update: The Scorpion F18 Open Project built by Explder is crowned 2017 F18 World Champ: catsailingnews.com/2017/07/f18-open-project-scorpion-by-exploder.html

To the tell the truth I'm a little tired of hearing, reading , and some whining about the F18 costs, and how all the F18 Class framework is based on controlling it, and of course all this is failing big time. Beyond global inflation and else retail prices are too high, this weekend I've been told for ie that to import one specific F18 the origin dealer price is 22,000usd. Not good.

That made me think again of the alternative for an Open project. And I think now it is a good time to do it, as all designs have converged into a too similar shape with the same concepts and features.
I don´t forsee any major revolution soon within the class rule box regarding shape and/or design.

I have more than 200? F18 hull cads that have been evolving since July 2005 when I start drawing one based on the Tornado/Tiger lines. I always remember coming back from the office and staring at a print of the RC hull cad. It was just an idea that came true.

So to transform ideas in to reality the first step is exposing it.
The goal is to provide an alternative for a home made F18, using available extrusions and parts. A good thing to copy is Grainger Designs kit where the cad parts (frames etc) are pre cut on a foam sheet for his cruising cats.
Also having sailmakers to provide an special standard package, as Pablo Soldano, from Ullman is doing with the Tornado. Landy is also offering good deals compared to F18 factory sails.
I heard that Hobie offered the Tiger bid at the trials for 15,000Euros?. So it is possible to downsize costs. New designs have more expensive features as longboards, but here in Arg for ie the C2 standard ones are doing fine against longboards, and the 2011 Arg title and Vice South American went to a Wildcat with also standard lenght daggers.

I will start to work on this, I will need to make a one off, test the thing out and then providing the cads. But the little detail is (if the design is successful of course..) to cede rights to the Class, as for those amateurs or building fanatics like myself can have a proven design at hand.

Why Scorpion? I was born Nov 5 and many including my wife always said that sign reflects who I am... the good and the bad I think ...
Again, just an idea right now, let see how it ends.


Edit: I already received some mails, pointing that I should use the Open Source software model... and I want to remark this is indeed an "Open Project", the idea comes from the IT world of course, so anyone interested in participate or providing ideas is welcome. I mean this design can be built right now, but having more people involved can make this even better. For example, having a daggercase that can hold any shape is one of its features, many more can arise. catsailingnews gmail com
To check how designs have evolved from the Tornado/Tiger V shape to current Wave piercers check http://catsailingnews.blogspot.com.ar/2011/04/wave-piercing-and-volume-distribution.html

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