Apr 26, 2012

F18, Hobie Wildcat Italy: Training Video by Martín Flores

This is the way to film a F18 or beachcat training video, short and with good images you can analyze.
Those looking to get better check this great video of Vittorio Bissaro and Carlo de Paoli, (replacing Lamberto Cesari) Carlo is a Laser sailor and it seems Vittorio already teach him good. Fast learner it seems.

Video highlight made by Martín Flores 
www.martinsailcoach.com, an Argentine coach living and working in Italy for some years now. I contacted him once for reference of an Indian Navy request (he coached them in Laser) I received in 2005 for training their Hobie 16 teams. I finally went with my friend and top Hobie 16 sailor Armando Noriega from México.

Really good video. Bissaro-de Paoli are right now the nr 1 Hobie Wildcat team, Vittorio had a 3rd at Balaton with Cesari, and now he will be searching to get even higher for this season.
The team is sponsored by Hobie Italy / Bolsena Yachting 

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