Feb 22, 2012

F18 Facts and the "Sideshow"

Many don´t know what is going on cause the class in my view does not inform their members in a correct way.All are wondering and speculating.

> This is quite simple, current situation:
The Class has the right to establish its rules at will at x point of time in the past. It can establish whichever pattern or guide and the ones wanting to play in the F18 must follow these rules or go to another playground.

So why people are angry or against Udin? if only showing current rules will make him go away with his proposed changes? As he has no power whatsoever to change... a single thing? One factor for sure that his teams are winning, denying that is pure hypocricy.

The WC has 22 members representing their respective countries, you need +50% to change a rule.
SI has no power whatsoever within the WC. Period.

 > The real problem is this:
Everytime the class wants to ban his products by the rules,  Udin takes a good look at them and fireback with a bomb:
ie 1 - The Class ban his sails at Balaton for using cloth not on the list.
As 1st Fireback all spis were found illegal.(A clarification was issued later)

ie 2 - Now he launchs a painted F18 and the class wants to ban it.
As 2nd fireback all boats off the mold are illegal except his.!!!??? (an emergency ruling was issued later)

Do you get the point? Check this:
You rule the class and a new guy wants to get smart, So?  You made the rules and you say what is allowed or not.
You just put the rules over the table and he is Done for good: "Get wise elsewhere you ..."
The problem is when that piece of paper has 'some' holes in it... so please forget about Udin or any other pushing the limits.

>>The Class can´t enforce its current rules to any 'new wise guy' cause they are too weak (the rules...) to deal with current developments and people pushing the limits.

Situation that leads to discretionary and unavoidable unfair actions.

This NOT means that we need curved boards, lighter boats, epoxy and else, nothing to do with it.
It just means that we need a solid simple rule set for the next 5 years at least.

All the rest is just personal and political fights (including mines in the past months) and pure Sideshow.

They told me I was over reacting when forseeing even thougher problems than all spis illegal, and guess what? This ended on all boats being illegal told by ISAF itself.
Can you get lower than this? No you can´t.
Is the end of the class? Not a chance.

> So what is need to be done? 
>>>Take the gas pedal off 5 minutes, stop emergency rulings and clarifications and amendements, sit back and have a review of current rules and class long term objectives, and stop spasm reactions:
- No curved boards
- No epoxy laminates or paints
- No weight reduction

- You want 1 cloth? 1 cloth then
- No paint? No paint then
And so on....

The WC leaders can do whatever they want cause they have the votes to keep all as intended, and I will support a refoundation of class rules following the same intentions Olivier Bovyn and Pierre Charles Barraud had when creating the class. (F18 m
embers Worldwide can be proud of the past and current work of these two, I know this for a fact and first hand. They have the 'big picture' quite clear.)

Define your goals and then establish an internal challenging procedure before publishing the rules again..
That's it. Nothing more , Nothing less.

You guys reading the blog for some years now, know you can trust me on this one.

All F18 sailors just want to sail, race and enjoy. Take care of them, is the class first goal.

The rest is pure political bs.
Photo: Eric Bellande, Erquy F18 Worlds 2010. www.direct-image.fr

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