Feb 13, 2012

C-Class, Challenge Italia: State of the Art (PhotoShop)

EDIT:They put "2012 springtime training in Mondello" and "Rendering by Vito Pavia, I though they were the CAD renders. So my mistake, it is the Biggest bluff ever in CSN. This is a Photoshop render from Canaan, the current winner of Little Americas Cup. An orginal photo I already published, check below. Although the boat will look this cool (They better...) , check building pics at Fcbk this is not actual boat. Comments still apply though, I guess... if they end building it to the hype. I'm gonna hire this Photoshop guy, check original below.
How come these guys dare to design and build this???   "Blasphemy!" , call the Inquisitors, the old keepers of the code! ....Call Umberto Ecco also,  he could have a fest with some situations in the multihull world that resembles to perfection the book/movie "The Name of the Rose"...

State of the Art craft by Challenge Italia. Idem Image by Master photographer Christophe Launay/www.sealaunay.com
C-Class Reborn continues with good health.



Photo: Cristophe Launay - www.sealaunay.com Fred Eaton and Magnus Clarke on 'Canaan'

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