Jan 15, 2012

AC45s: Santi Lange to helm Artemis 2nd cat

Too much discussions on some SA forums on who was the guy to helm Artemis extra AC45, it was an easy choice as I pointed out: Look no further than Argentine Tornado star and world class sailor, Santiago Lange.

Santi was confirmed by Cayard on an interview with Valencia Sailing.
Lets see if Hutchinson will stand the pressure as Spithill did with Bundy, at least on Darren's first event.

Santi was in Arg at year's end to spend time with the family and also had some rides with our nr1 F18 crew Esteban Blando and Nico Aragonés, of course a great experience for them.
Sadly I missed those rides as I was working at the boatyard! next time maybe.
Photo: Ivor Wilkins/www.americascup.com

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