Dec 13, 2011

IF18CA Open Matters

If you've been following the blog for a while or if you search the archive you will find only one reference to the International Formula 18 Class Association affairs, that I thought it was needed to bring some light on more than public events at Balaton.
That was about the only one.

As I'm member of the World Council for Argentina I took high care of not filtering any public or private info.

After Balaton the WC has been very active and I've tried to expose my concerns to the management on firebacks if the class continued to follow a patch or 'band aid' path as someone pointed to the rules, with monthly changes/clarifications or spam like reactions and also warning on the future outcomes on those changes and possible unfair actions taken by the WC.

After Nov 26 Paris meeting (decisions were known beforehand) some irregular procedures being officially questioned right now by another WC member,  and the actual highly unfair, in my view, voting system that assigns the control of the class to only four countries If they decide to vote together,  were exposed.

Some hard mails started flying in and I was challenged (?) to publish info on decisions from that meeting as I was told that all decisions of the class should be wide openly distributed. 

I was just questioning why someone present at Paris published on the web info from the meeting before all 'remote' representatives had their copy at that time. Now we all have a copy, but minutes are not officially published yet, thus the two post of the last week on cloths.

So here we are, in a new era of wide spread information available to all F18 sailors.

As a good example of the nonsense and waste of time the class is having right now is the two cloth restriction for the mainsail issue.
I wanted those sails to be grandfathered on the fact that the builder did not hide they were made on two cloths, those sails are hard stamped with the two cloths specs and also on some rules doubts confirmed even by the Chief measurer.

And who do you think informed and reported to the class that the 2010 World Champ sail (curently in Argentina) was illegal too on two cloths?
My goal was to protect the sailors as I pursued the same track on the Shockwave corecell affair after reading Greg Goodall's excellent and unbiased report.
I recommended and quite lively fought for the Shockwaves to be grandfathered to protect the sailors that bought them. As the class did not act to prevent or take care of their investments beyond any builder's fault. The intention of some on the WC was a total ban of the Loday-White  Shockwaves.

So now this two cloth mainsail issue becomes irrelevant for the targeted builder.
Two cloths? what for? who cares now? if that builder has his team winning on a different main sail....
Ahhhh maybe the amateur sailors that bought them in good faith during a whole year including two Argentine sailors that bought them on the spot at Erquy after Backes-Jarlegan were crowned, including the actual winning sail.

Is important to note that some in the class knew at Erquy that those sails were illegal and only acted one year later at Balaton.

So now you might get the picture on who are the ones been damaged on this mess?
The fleet sailors, not the Pros, they just get a new built team set of sails or hulls for that matter.

Be noted then my history on not publishing info on the WC decisions before and I welcome this encouragement to inform the sailors about the class matters that of course concerns them mainly as they are the ones keeping this Class and the builders alive.

Martín Vanzulli

President F18 Argentina
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