Dec 5, 2011

F18 World Council Meeting outcomes II: All Class Spis ilegal, now Legal.

Take a good look to your F18 chute, as no matter which brand do you own, it is an ilegal spi....well upto Nov 26 decisions on ammendments/Clarifications on Rules it was, based on April 2010 published Rules.
Of course, as we can´t change the 100% of the spis (how come?), the WC issued a rules Clarification, adding text alleged not present by error, oblivion etc. but written on the previous rules version.

So the biggest grandfathering of any class (I might guess) has been taken out by the F18. Hey , we are not going to end sailing Main-Jib only... I'm here for the Spi runs!

Again, detailed info and reports later. When minutes published for all to see.

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