Dec 5, 2011

F18 World Council Nov 26 Meeting outcomes: All SI Crosscut mains with two cloths Banned

All main sails from Sail Innovation using two cloths (Crosscuts) are now prohibited from racing in the Formula 18 Class.
Until Dec 31 2011, all SI sails produced before September 15th may continue to compete. After Jan 1 2012 you'd better get a new use to it.
These decisions applies to the F18 European taking place right now in Canarias.That is why you'll see so many changes in some teams sails as published yesterday.

Minutes were distributed to the NAs representatives (I'm for Argentina).
They are not still published on the IF18CA website, will link them as soon as they are available. I was waiting for them to be online to inform the sailors, but some events forced this post.

Also paint is forbidden so SI and some new projects (about to be launched)  will need to change their production asap. Also check you don´t have some repair made on your boat too or a standard marine polyurethane finish for ie, damn all my original RCF18s are now ilegal too!
Lots of fun to come though, as I forsee more firebacks 2011 Worlds style, where the 100% of class spis were found ilegal.This Class is so fun in the water as in the administrative aspects of it.

One of the major implications on these decisions is that Olivier Backes and Arnaud Jarlegan won the 2010 Crown with ilegal sails with part of the Class knowing about that fact and only acting one year later when all exploded at the 2011 Worlds final day with the PSA Affaire, (Mischa also was with possiblities on that title with SI sails, he ended 2nd) letting sailors from all over the World buying ilegal sails. (Two crews from Argentina bought sails on the spot at Erquy, the actual winning sail and a sister set)

More analysis and info for all the sailors of the F18 World Wide soon.And please ask a for a signed certificate before buying any further equipment of any brand.

Please contact your NA representative for more data too.
Force the builders to comply with the rules and make the class to establish firm basis and a solid consistent and timely decisions to protect your investment in the future.  

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