Nov 15, 2011

AC34 Dark Horse: Team Energy

All Photos Gilles Martin Raget / (click for HQ)
I liked this team since day 1, having Loick Peyron involved was first reason, then being a French team (lots of good contacts there) and then F18 World Champ Arnaud Jarlegan joined the crew (curently wingman at SD).
Now Alinghi X40 skipper (winners at Almería) , Yann Guichard is helming, with a Tornado background plus the Extreme Series experience was a no brainer.
Energy have their first win at SD, but it wasn´t like Aleph's, ET was showing their class and progress with Loick helming already at Plymouth.

Alinghi connection: As Ernesto Bertarelli might not want to be on the front end on this edition, a 'hidden' support could be a reality.
Reading SA forums, (sometimes a great source of AC info) I've learned that Guichard's girlfriend is Donatella Bertarelli, EB's sister...
Loick Peyron and Alinghi. I remember when we were asking for Loick to helm A5 at AC33. He did take the whell on r2 but it was a little too late beyond performance differences.
So you have both Guichard and Peyron with strong bonds with Alinghi.
Plus the MOD70 project that Guichard is leading is roumored to be founded by Bertarelli trough Spindrift Racing (check Guichard MOD70 post here) too.
I've sent a full interview to Alinghi press for EB, they aknowledge receipt but no response yet. I'll try again.

Whichever the case, Energy Team is one of the '2nd line' contenders (but only on hours) with real chances on these series, as with their talented french team and more events, they are going to perform even better.

Is fair to say that they are the AC34 'Dark Horses' right now...
Photos above: Jarlegan high five with Guichard and onboard action. All photos Gilles Martin Raget.

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