Oct 30, 2011

A-Class: DNA arrives in USA

Photo: Charles Bueche - Swiss Open 2010, Garda,  Roeland Weltholt on his Black Knight.
The DNA project was featured on the blog since day one (the only place for dna info at the beggining), as the guys at Landenberger told me a new boat was being launched and some Landy sails were being used. I also liked the new concept of more volume (as newer F18s) as a key feature. 

Then Roeland Weltholth was 3rd on the boat's debut at Vele di Pasqua so I was impressed as many with the performance of the new boat at such an early stage. Several posts came after and Arno and PJ ended with a serious preoject delivering dnas all over Europe and Australia. 

Brewin was 2nd on a very light event of the 2010 A-Class Worlds and this year he finally grabbed the title on his dna. Now ARC is entering the North American market (7 will arrive at soon)  more details by Arno at dnacatamaran.com

Thanks to them for supporting the blog and congrats to 'Advanced Racing Cats' (I had 'Racecat' as a brand earlier but ARC boats are indeed 'Advanced')  for their continued work promoting and delivering the goods on the A-Class.
More info on the DNA at www.racingcats.com

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