Apr 9, 2011

New F18 Design: Phantom by Sail Innovation

This is more good news for the F18 Class. SI Team , Olivier Backes and Arnaud Jarlegan crowned World Champs in 2010 with extra proven sails and now , team CEO , Alex Udin is launching a new F18 design.
From what I'm seeing this could like the "Final Merge" style, but now with more feedback and some new cats launched.

Merge: Capricorn, Wildcat, USA17-AC45, Nacra F20 and each of them with their lineage designs included. You'll see why when more info available.
The Formula 18 continues its development within current rules, although as mentioned before, no much room to play with critical hull forms, lets see if this Phantom will become a Menace for the big 3, as the new Cirrus R with Mischa and Bastian.
Udin's press release:
Sail Innovation is proud to announce the launch of the Phantom project.
After their F18 world title, Olivier Backes and Arnaud Jarlegan were looking for a new challenge for 2011.

We decided to develop a brand new 18” in close collaboration with Martin Fischer, in order to present a flying cat for Olympics Games selection for Rio.

The Phantom 18” is based on all the development Martin’s did on the foils on the A Class since several years.

After testing a lots of different foils and lifting rudders designs, Martin has find a brand new foils shape in combination with special lifting rudders which allows the boat to be really stable and fast while flying but also be very competitive in the light wind.
We are convinced by the fact the flying cats is probably the future of our sports in terms of performance but also for the show.

An F18 version of this 18” has been developed in parallel to test the hull in different configuration.
We are actually finishing the first boat in the F18 version in order to prepare the Eurocat. Olivier and Arnaud will be the first crew sailing on the boat.

I am already very proud of all the team for being so much involved in this challenging project, it is another fantastic adventure for SAIL INNOVATION.


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