Apr 6, 2011

F18 Team Race: Muiderzand, April 16

Time and place: Muiderzand Catamaran Beach, Saturday 16 april. 17.00-20.00 hours (european time)
Bundock, Heemskerk and other top Ned sailors will participate in a Team Match Race format, a team race event with 4 different teams racing against each other.
They will race saturday evening after the F18 class event (aprox 50 f18 boats), taking advantage of the large public viewing.

15 min Races are done on a small race course near the shore (withing 150 meters). 6 minute starting procedure.

A production company is going to film everything with a rc multicopter with camera, a camera man on a rib and on-board camera's. A promotion film will be made afterwards.

There is going to be a 6 square meter led-outdoor tv screen on the beach for the public to view the races in close-up.
Live commentary will be done by Andrew Macpherson and Wouter Samama. Judges on the water wil decide on protests.

Oscar Zeekant/Karel Begemann
Froukje Finestra/Mischa de Munck

Mischa Heemskerk/Bastian Tentij
Thijs Visser/MatthieuMarfaing

Pim Nieuwenhuis/Ferdinand Van West
Willem Geijssen/Rico Van Capelle

Jorden Veeman/Frank de Waard
Darren Bundock/Jeroen Van Leeuwen

We want to make sailing a spectator and audience sport and prove that team racing can be a lot of fun on F18's!
-Mischa de Munck.
This is the kind of event the racing Pros should promote, like the ones Gaebler's organized wit the Tornado drag races. But this is team match race, and broadcasting live!
This put catamaran racing and the Formula 18 as a leader and innovator, following the path set with the AC. Hat off to sailors and organizers.
This will set a standard for future promotional events-

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