Apr 19, 2010

The Wild Cat new life by Sail Innovation

Photo: Alex Udin

Photo: Alex Udin

Photo: Alex Udin  - One of the most radical F18 designs to date: extreme raked bow, spray rails and super thin daggers, the Wildcat designed by multihull guru Martin Fischer is having its 2nd chance and a great exposure with Sail Innovation team pushing forward with a huge bet on her design.

Although it almost clinched the World Title with Mischa Heemskerk on its 1st Worlds debut, the WCat suffered some minor launch issues, now fully solved as the SI Team has chosen her above several proved and top rated F18s.

At NL F18 Class event in Muiderzand , Olivier Backes and Arnaud Jarlegan riding a Wcat with SI sails had a strong win over current 2x world champ, Coen de Koning and the entire dutch fleet.

Focus on training and development always pays.

Beyond future results, the "Sail Innovation Project" is already a success-

HelmName CrewName Class
KE1 R2 R3 R4 Nett

Olivier Backes Arnoud Jarlegan hobie wildcat
(5.0) 1.0 1.0 1.0 3.0

Coen de Koning Thijs Visser nacra infusion
1.0 (2.0) 2.0 2.0 5.0

Oscar Zeekant Karel Begeman hobie wildcat
3.0 (10.0) 4.0 4.0 11.0

Reindert v d Meulen Carina Knol capricorn f18
2.0 6.0 8.0 ( BFD) 16.0

Matthieu Souben Mathieu VDame Shockwave
(8.0) 4.0 6.0 6.0 16.0

Jorg Gosche Hannes Pegel hobie wildcat
(DNF) 7.0 11.0 3.0 21.0

Elke Delnooz Mark Gering hobie wildcat
10.0 11.0 (14.0) 5.0 26.0

Eric Cok Fokko Veegens hunter f18
7.0 15.0 10.0 ( BFD) 32.0

Willem Geijssen Jim Hoogerhout nacra infusion
15.0 (25.0) 9.0 9.0 33.0

Benjamin Lamotte Benjamin Amiot hobie wildcat
12.0 9.0 (21.0) 13.0 34.0

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