Apr 19, 2010

Patagonian Scene

Picture taken this weekend at Club >Nautico Rada Tilly, on the Argentine patagonia.
Rada Tilly is an excellent place for kite and Land Sailing, and in 2008 they organized a FISLY World Championship.

The Club is working hard to promote sailing in a place where in a standard day you have 20knots as a starting wind speed. But these guys are not taken aback due to harsh weather, and sometimes mild days like this makes a good opporunity for the Opti kids to get out, and start preparing their skills for the next step... Laser? noo An RC 16 is waiting for them as the next sailing school level. Right steping the 16 mast for the club on last december. note: (those sprail rails were made in July 2007)

These coast are really tricky due to offshore harsh winds and gusts, the same coasts are being raid by two RC Cruisers at Puerto Madryn, 400 hundred kms north of Rada tilly.

So in your next trip to Patagonia you can also visit our coast besides going to the west Andes, for some high winds experience on cats, landyachts or kites...

Landyacthing Worlds at Rada Tilly, Chubut, Argentina

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