Apr 28, 2010

SL 16: ISAF Youth Cat

Excellent video from ISAF Youth Worlds from Romain and Valentin Bellet.

When designing the RC 16 I had in mind (besides recreation) an entry level spin class for youths, the RC 16 has same dimensions as Nacra 500 Sport for ie, Hobie has also an updated youth cat, the Hobie Max, that competed with the SL 16 at ISAF trials for selecting an official cat to replace the H16.
The ideal is to have SL 16 fleets in every country, but if not possible there are several alternatives for youths to train.
I once exchange some thoughts with Don Findlay, former legendary F18 Class secretary, about having all these boats under a gral type of Formula rule fleet, at least as a parameter to follow, training in any of these cats can prepare locals to race at ISAF Youth Worlds in the SL.
And I think it is possible to stablish some guides in that matter, and with all these alternatives elevated import costs shouldn´t be an issue.


SL 16Nacra 500 Sport
Hobie MaxRC 16
Widht (beam)2,322,442,502,40

The Dart 16 has a 'X' version with Spi. And the Hobie 16 class for youths also have mandatory Spin equipment. I don´t include it in the list as it was replaced by ISAF as youths multi by the SL 16. All boats mentioned share a similar hull shape and characteristics.
But for sure it can be used too for training and its a class by itself too.

A good example for the need of having alternatives for the SL 16, is that last year in Buzios- Brasil, where the the Hobie 16 is king, ISAF decided to use it as the multi of choice for that Youth Worlds Championship instead of the ISAF preferred SL.
Builders and major classes like the F18 should support youth racing programs to stablish a solid sailor base to support a constant feed to these same classes in years to come.

SL 16
Nacra 500 Sport
Hobie Max
Dart 16X
Hobie 16 Spi

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