Jan 28, 2010

F18: 2nd brand made in Argentina

Today I sailed with Ian Rodger the 1st Capricorn made here.
The main modification to the hull is an elevated rear beam, that was made through a fine transition from original hull lines. This modification is crucial for local waters, as short steep waves touch rear beams if not higher enough making an impossible ride in our special Rio de la Plata fresh and muddy waters.
The boat is rock solid as the original, sails and beams are imported from AHPC Australia.
1st Class boat, an excellent finish too, follwing AHPC quality reputation.

Today we had steady 8-10knots, a real pleasure to sail upwind and the rear beam modification made a critical difference dowind with the imported one I sailed some weeks ago, it never touched the waves in a nonstop planing glide.
Until we hit a submerged log!!! (yes)
Direct hit at leeward daggerboard, and then to the windward rudder! f....! but dagger ended only with some scratches, and daggerboard case and rudder didn´t acknowledge the incident.

Good test for the newly built Argie F18.
The class in South America has two boats right now, offering lower costs for class growth.
The Infusion dealer is also giving good prices, and Uruguay has imported some Wildcats too.

Bright future after more than 3 years of the F18 project in Argentina, when we sailed our 1st RC F18 in August 2006.
The local Cap hulls are made by RioTecna, a reknown dinghy factory and the project is managed by Ian Rodger, ex Laser sailor...
As you might wonder, there is no Laser around now.

Congrats to Ian for closing the cicle, it wasn´t easy but the effort was worthwhile.
Detailed and hq pics soon.

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