Dec 19, 2009

Patagonia Argentina: Beachcat Cruising at its BEST!

The two brand new RC "South Cruiser" and their 1st raid

The previous version was heavier and with an 8mts mast, this 09 version is light as an F18 hull and also has 9mts mast, but 2,90wide platform, they are reporting 500% or more gain in low winds comparing the 06 version

This is the last time you see that tent over the tramp...check below

Hey! Those are Brazilian color Gennakers... jeje

Patagonia Argentina and two Custom Home and Hand Made Machines

Pablo Querol , pic taken by Felipe Tomassi (Pandiani´s partner at Cabo's Raid on those Hobies 21)

This landscapes awaits you down here!

More info pending, but this is the FINAL position after an AIR FRONT ROLL over the other Cruising cat 9mts mast after a 100km Tornado hit them asleep below the tramp... believe it or not.... that was a close call, they told me by cell phone today.

All these pics are poster Material! Surf style Cruising... and yes that's Wine... Classy South boys

I´m proud of the local F18 class, but I'm also proud of being able to provide these moments to cool clients and friends. Full report on Monday, these pics were received 20 mins ago!

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