Dec 19, 2009

F18 South America: Uruguay 1st F18 Regatta

Cruz Smith (With his brand new Infusion) with two bullets is leading the championship, he is wearing his "Estudiantes de la Plata" Tshirt, team that missed the glory today against Barcelona by 1 minute as they were 1-0 at 89th min!

In March 2007 we took the 1st F18 to Uruguay, (Argentina`s neighbor crossing Rio de la Plata)
Later that year we made a demo at the YCU Yacht Club Uruguayo, some were really interested and others were rather skeptical with the class (no cat racing there before too).

After we launch the class in Argentina in 08 and imported boats start coming in early 2009 the same skeptical people started to think again about the class, and some local monohull sailors gather with the YCU to import the firt fleet of Hobie Wildcats in South America.
5 Arg boats are racing and showing the newbies how its done, so is a good chance for the new F18 sailors in Uruguay to train against experienced sailors, and to you mister "B" , you owe me an apology! So watch out monohull sailors as the "beachcat" racing is here to stay.

Sadly I couldn`t be there with my F18 as I was delivering an RC16 in Patagonia (Rada Tilly), pics pending and also an incredible story of two RC 18 Cruisers in Puerto Madryn ...
1st Wildcat ride, the same for her crew...

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