Dec 9, 2009

New AHPC F18: "C2" from Paris Boat Show

Finally the New AHPC F18 was revealed at the Paris Boat Show, same event where the Wildcat made a public debut.
At 1st glance the boat resembles the Cap, but that was said about the Infusion and the Wildcat too! So AHPC 1st F18 was a trendsetter and the C2 is (to me) a fine evolution of the Capricorn.

More overall volume, a dead flat tramsom, cutout bow are more visible modifications from their previous F18. Also full carbon daggers and rudders gives the boat an even more "Pro" touch.
Also I like that Da-Kine strap! as mentioned some posts ago that was about the only feature I could criticize about the Cap.

So AHPC is showing their cards now to compete against the Infusions and the brand new Wildcats and Shockwaves. The F18 has several alternatives and its boat providers are showing total commitment with the class.
Again the F18 has proven to be the Perfect Formula. Congrats to AHPC for this new machine.

For more info contact:
In France:
Voltastraat 5
2041 CK Zandvoort
The Netherlands

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