Aug 21, 2009

Flyer F18: Ahead of its time??

What happened to this design? Checking some design pics on my pc I found this of the german Flyer F18, pretty actual design, looking backwards now:
Modern look Wave piercer , High aspect ratio rudders and daggers
a nice set of Landys...
Ahead of its time for sure, an earlier exponent of the wave piercing concept on the F18 class with elevated rear beam and encapsulated frot one.
Andrew Landenberger used this boat at 2004 Worlds, he was 5th. That year was the Capricorn debut also and Greg finished 6th behind the Flyer, but both designs followed a different path.
After some research it seems that the Flyer lacked overall volume, all other features were right on the spot, you can take that design now just add the right volume, Infusion style, and you'll have a winner.
I´d like to see a new Flyer F18, their A-Class have evolved with more volume, the Ashby Flyer and the last Flyer S are good examples...

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