Feb 15, 2009

New Hobie F18: Closer look at the Wildcat

Mitch Booth sailing the Wildcat, nice hull colors, although they have a drawback,

Grey absorves to much sun light and it simply cooks the inside, fiberglass does not get hurted but it creates too much condesation. I know for a fact as we paint our F18 and RC 16 with same colors 2 years ago, went back to white.

Think it looks really nice.

Also check rudder castings and system, like AHPC old style.

Now Mitch has a fine and updated machine for 2009 Worlds in Belgium, and with Caroljin (confirmed) and Darren (to be confirmed) on Wildcats, Hobie will reclaim F18 World title again. Infusion reign may be too short, but of course we'll have to wait until July... One thing´s for sure, Hobie is ready to rumble...again.

Take a look at stbrd bow (the hull is planning or about to) and specially transom wake/track/spray.....

Wildcat Public price: 19,700Euros

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