Feb 23, 2009

Gitana joins 2009 Ishares Cup circuit

Gitana team is following Groupama's calendar, records and events.
Ishares VX40 circuit is growing and attracting top teams, as F1 racecars teams like Honda, BMW and Renault are out for 2009 due to economic crisis.
Good news for multihull racing as VX40 racing is becoming the F1 Circus of sailing events.

As Juan K says "Multihull racing is the F1 of sailing"
AC right now is sadly going down....

In 2009, the Gitana Team will rank among the crews participating in the European circuit of the iShares Cup. Contested on 40 foot one-design catamarans – Extreme 40s – the racing will begin in May and end in October. The season's schedule will only be fully finalised over the coming weeks, though we already know that five events will see the 2009 participants racing in Italy, France, UK, Germany and Holland.

Yann Guichard, a regular in the Gitana Team since 2004, is joining the stable's ranks as a skipper-helm aboard the Extreme 40 Gitana. This young 34 year old sailor is just as much at ease racing around the cans, as a result of his Olympic career, as he is sailing offshore using his transatlantic experience. As such he will now have to show what he's made of on this new medium, which is tailor-made for his talent. Indeed, it's worth remembering that Yann Guichard is a grand specialist on these sports catamarans as his three Olympic preparations on the Tornado, as well as his 4th place in the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 bear witness.


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