May 8, 2019

Worrell 1000 reunion Race 2019 is On

Photo: Worrell 1000 Fb. More pics at Not much info available but below the links to follow the race.

Results overall & per stage:
Official web:
Live Tracking:

On number of entries restricting to Nacra F20 plus F18s maybe was not the best option, next year if done they might need to open to any performance cat like Marstrom 20, Tornado, Flying Phantom, Nacra Inter 20, F20FCS even Nacra 17 and focus mainly on the F18 , which is a Class born for Long Distance racing.  The FP & Nacra 20 FCS can be tough as you cannot fully raise both main foils.
But the Texel has also some crazy beach launches plus tricky roller coasters too.

A convertible F18 with 4pt foiling system a la A-Cat / N17 can also be a good option for an Open division on its versatility to sail both modes and the ability to fully raise main foils , like the foiling Nacra 17.
Of course filter crews on experience as they are doing now too.
Either way it is a tough race to enter and complete.

For those not knowing much of this legendary race , check video below:

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